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Stuart here, with a little talk about stress and what we can do to help out. Its a difficult time but we are in it together. 
Its obviously a difficult time for all of us in this strange new world and at Alchemy we are seeing more and more people suffering with stress and anxiety which has a knock on effect with our physical health. I am seeing a lot more clients with neck, back and shoulder problems brought on primarily by bad posture from working at home but made ten times worse by stress. The constant barrage of opinion, fake news and vitriol that social media throws at us isn't helping matters and the fact we are all glued to our phones all the time is starting to take its toll. Its time to change. 
At Alchemy we have been promoting mental health issues for the last few years and I'm sure some of you know last year we began supporting MIND the mental health charity by raising funds for them through our stress buster massage. This has been a great success and we have raised over £500 so far, but we can do more. For years when any of us has suffered with stress and anxiety we have had two options; put up with it or visit a doctor for a cocktail of Amitriptyline and Citalopram. Neither of those solutions are really a long term thing so we bounce along and if we are lucky we might get to see a counsellor or a therapist, but usually only when things become really bad and its pretty much too late. 
I'm a great believer that we, as a species, should be taking control of our own health and wellbeing and start to find our own solutions to some of life's problems. Of course its hard and of course you should ask for help when you need it, you should never try to do it alone, but there are alternatives to drugs and just coping. Touch therapy is a huge benefit and has been proved time and again to help with stress and anxiety as well as depression and a whole host of other mental health issues. Therapies such as massage, reiki, reflexology, indian head massage, meditation and mindfulness all help us deal with lifes roller coaster ride and they are available in many places often for less than the cost of a decent takeaway. Spend a little time on yourself, find out about what we or other places near you can do and ask for advice when you aren't sure. Even if you think you are doing fine, sometimes that is just your brains way of coping, isn't it better to have a little pre-emptive therapy before it goes too far? Regular time away from work, from family, from stress has a huge impact on your energy levels and sets you up to deal with anything. 
Up and down the country there are wellbeing centres and therapists offering treatments to help with stress, and we are all happy to talk about what we do and how we can help. None of us went into this field to get rich we all did it to help spread a little calm around the world, and we love to talk about it! 
If you want to know more about any of our treatments please give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help. To book in just click on the booking link at the top of the page. Don't forget to visit our facebook page to join in with our monthly competitions and find out what we are up to. 
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