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Find out what Stuart does and how he can help with pain. 
Welcome to the first blog in a new series where I will talk about what I do and how it will help you. 
For those of you that follow us regularly you will know that Alchemy is a joint venture between myself and Holly, but I'm sure plenty of you dont know what I do here, hiding away in a back room that emits screams and yelps and random swear words.  Contrary to popular belief I'm not torturing people or trying to extract their PIN numbers, I'm actually helping them. 
So what am I doing and why am I doing it?  Well it all started about twelve years ago while I was sat in an accounting office being bored senseless in yet another pointless meeting about why some numbers weren't high enough for some directors and i had an epiphany! 
Despite my twenty years experience I decided I had had enough of numbers and accounting and I needed a change, before it all went wrong and I started strangling people in the boardroom.  So I walked away from a well paid job and went back to college to retrain in something that would be more beneficial to the world.  I chose Sports Massage. 
Although I havent really been sporty in my youth, I've always been interested in how I can help people to better themselves and to improve their own health rather than living with pain or popping pills from their GP.  I studied Reiki many years ago and have looked at various other forms of alternative therapy, but for me Sports Massage speaks to the scientist inside.  And of course its not just for sports people.  A Sports Massage is beneficial for anyone with muscle pains of any kind.  Whether you spend too much time on a computer, or in a car, or under the sink fixing someones pipes, Sports Massage will help. 
Ten years later, here I am running a successful clinic in the Beauty Salon I own with Holly and we are now into our sixth year.  Over the next few months I hope to tell you more of my journey into alternative therapy and share some of my experiences with different sports, different injuries and maybe how I can help you. 
Stuart :) 
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