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When I see people suffering with muscle pain, I have several tools to help them. One of which is Ultrasound. Now you may think Ultrasound is what you get when you’re pregnant, and you would be correct, however Ultrasound therapy can be used in different ways. In the clinic I use a thermal therapeutic Ultrasound device to help with many issues I’m faced with. 
My Ultrasound device comes with a wand attached that delivers sound waves, causing the skin and muscles to vibrate and warm up. This helps to deliver treatment to deeper muscles that are sometimes less accessible when using traditional massage techniques. 
As muscles heat up, they relax, having the effect of reducing pain, and reducing chronic inflammation. All of this helps to increase fluid flow, delivering fresh oxygenated blood to the tissue as well as increasing the flow of lymph. Lymph is a fluid in your body that carries white blood cells and acts as a drain to take away toxins within the muscle fibres, thus helping damaged cells fight infection and heal faster. 
Health Benefits of Ultrasound. 
1. Reduces pain 
2. Relaxes tissue tension 
3. Increases blood flow 
4. Breaks down scar tissue 
5. Creates a deep heat 
Whilst Ultrasound has many benefits, it has a low risk of complications. Exposure to low-intensity Ultrasound for long periods of time can sometimes cause superficial burns to the skin, but treatment is generally not long enough for this to occur. There can be some risk during pregnancy, so we advise not having the treatment during this time. 
I treat many people with Ultrasound in the clinic, it is painless, non-invasive and highly effective, so next time you visit us with a muscle pain, and you are offered Ultrasound, you now know what its all about. 
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