What is a callus peel?

So this month’s offer comes with a full hour relaxing pedicure topped off with shellac Polish and a FREE callus peel all for £35…BUT what even is a callus peel? Well I’m here to let you know!

A callus peel is a pedicure treatment that helps to target calluses and hard skin on the base of the foot! The treatment is highly exfoliating and helps remove hard skin by smoothing and softening! A callus peel on its own usually takes around  20 minutes and costs £20.

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Patches are placed on the sole and heel of the foot containing a vitamin solution to work into the dry skin. This is left for 10-15 minutes and then removed. After the removal the affected areas are scraped with a small plastic scraper and then filed to remove any excess skin! Sounds painful right? But not at all! This treatment is not invasive in the slightest and only targets hard and dry skin!

One treatment usually does the trick and is recommended every 4-6 weeks along with a regular pedicure to help keep the rest of your feet in check! If Calluses are really bad we would recommend 2-3 treatment about a week apart to really help push the problem out!

Callus peel

So now you know! If this picks your fancy give us a call to book your treatment now on 01908 567766 or visit http://www.alchemytherapycentre.com