What is threading?

Threading is an effective way of removing fine hair from  the face and eyebrows. Originating in India it is one of the most common ways of hair removal along side waxing.

Threading uses fine cotton thread in a twisting motion to help remove hairs by plucking them from the skin. Many hairs are removed at once and treatment usually takes around 15 minutes per area.


Threading can be uncomfortable however it is a short processes with long lasting results! Hair is removed for 4-6 weeks when you would need to come and have it redone. It is extremely affordable and much kinder on the skin than shaving or hair removal cream.

The area may be slightly red straight after but will reduce within 30 minutes! People who often suffer from red, raised and sore bumps after a waxing treatment are more likely to benefit from Threading more so than waxing as these lumps are less likely to appear due to the gentler removal of the hair.


If you’re interested in trying out Threading then give us a call on 01908 567766 or visit www.alchemytherapycentre.com to book!

Lip £3

Chin £3

Eyebrows £8

Cheeks £8

Full face £16