Why The Name Alchemy

After and hours and hours spent trying to find a suitable name for our business we finally arrived at Alchemy Therapy Centre, why you might ask? This is a strange name to call a salon you may say? But there is method behind the madness and I am going to explain why!

We pride ourselves in providing clients with great treatments with fantastic results, whether it’s making those winter feet prepared for the summer or grinding out those awful knots in your back from spending too much time slouching. Or even if you’ve pulled a muscle doing something daring and perhaps not so smart we ensure to fix you and make you the best you can be! So how does this relate to Alchemy? Well you see Alchemists were medieval scientists who tried to take a base/ boring metal such as lead and making it into something glorious like gold! They also attempted to find an elixir of life to help maintain youthfulness and prolong life which I’m sure is something we all wish for in this day and age. By looking after your body and treating it as a temple you too can hold the elixir of life within yourself. With a little help from great skin care, regular massages and beautiful nails of course!

So how does Alchemy relate to you? Well here is a little diagram below


Iron ⇒ A splash of magic ⇒ Gold

(Boring)         (A bit of Ancient wizardry)             (Beauty)


You ⇒  A dash of magic ⇒ Enhanced you

(Sore/deflated?)           (A lovely treatment)               (A new improved you)

See now it all makes sense! But that’s not all!

Alchemists also believe in the fundamentals of Earth, Fire, Water and Air in which everything is based. Whether it is trees or wildlife, or even the world itself without these four elements we would cease to exist. We incorporate these into the appearance of our salon to enable a relaxing and also interesting atmosphere. As different elements affect our moods we incorporate these into our treatments to either help you feel relaxed or uplifted so you know you are getting the best out of your time with us here.