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We take time to provide a virtually pain free experience when it comes to waxing and ensure you are comfortable and dignified at all times. 
Using the unique PHD waxing system, we offer an hygienic treatment keeping you free from cross contamination. 
Each applicator is individually wrapped and is disposed of after each client. The built in safety device prevents the back flow of wax into the tube preventing the spread of infection. 

Benefits of waxing 

Waxing removes the hair from the root, meaning it will take longer to grow back. 
Waxing reduces the risk of in growing hairs. 
No harsh abrasive chemicals are used unlike some creams, meaning your skin remains healthy. 
After waxing, hair grows back much softer and doesn't leave hard brittle stubble as shaving does. 
Waxing also has an exfoliating effect removing dead skin cells and helping to leave your skin smooth and healthy. 
Waxing leaves our skin feeling silky smooth. 

What areas do we wax? 


Our therapist is highly trained in enhanced brow treatments so you can be assured you will leave us with the best shape to your eyebrows. 


Stay beach ready all year round. The waxing system we use coupled with our highly skilled therapist means you feel less pain and will leave us looking great. 

Lip and Chin 

Waxing of these areas is gentler on the sensitive skin than threading and over time will help to reduce further growth. 

Intimate waxing 

We offer Hollywood or Brazilian waxing.. What is the difference between Hollywood and Brazilian? A Brazilian wax leaves a stripe and a Hollywood leaves no hairs at all. Whichever your preference be assured that you will be made to feel relaxed and dignified at all times. 


Dark patches left after shaving are eliminated with waxing, leaving you free to wear your favourite sleeveless dress without worrying what your underarms look like. 

Back and Chest wax 

Tailored for our male clients to get rid of those unwanted hairs! 

Arms and Legs 

We offer full or half leg and arm wax depending on your needs, leaving your skin looking and feeling silky smooth. 
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